Unlike the superintendence service whereby one plays more of a supervisory role during discharge/delivery of the goods with a view to taking appropriate action in order to protect underwriter's interest, in Cargo Survey there are more intricate technical jobs to do on behalf of the underwriter, while remaining unbiased and independent in reporting and assessment of loss. Also it is essential that most Survey Report on damaged items should be supported by the PHOTOGRAPH of the affected item or goods involved. A good Survey Report makes recovery exercise a lot easier and successful for underwriters.

Survey Report are normally presented on the standard form Questionnaire internationally recognized .The Lloyds of London has a standard Survey Report form which is used all over the world and our system (Computer) has it for our use which is usually followed by the Surveyor's written Report.

The written Report should specifically inform the underwriter of some basic information needed to deal with the entire claim in absence of the surveyor; and thereafter assist underwriters to pursue recovery where necessary. Therefore the report should be specific and definite in some areas such as: -

We have well-trained, astute cargo surveyors with many years of experience. Our fees on Survey jobs are very moderate, depending on the quantum/volume of work done, the place or the distance of the town where the survey took place and other factors, and are negotiable. Normally Survey cost on shipments that we Supervised from Port to Warehouse are generally lower and relatively less. There is no deposit for Survey jobs. And in case of Loss investigation, or tracing of missing containers/items, our surveyors are very familiar with all our ports and various container terminals outside the ports and at Kirikiri Jetty. Therefore their ability to gain access into any establishment as to source useful information regarding the 'loss' is not in doubt. Minimal refundable deposit is needed for every loss investigation. This is because sometime, we pay out money to obtain useful information on the loss. The fee indicated would apply only when the loss is traced and recovered.