We are a firm of Maritime Risk Consultants, rendering professional Risk Management Services - Cargo Pre loss & Post loss Surveys as our core functions. We have been in the Marine Surveys business and related activities for many years and our executive staff are well known in the Insurance Industry. Also our Port officers are well known all over the major ports in Nigeria.

We got registered with Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC) in 2006 as a limited liability coy with four (4) Directors. Article 55 of our Memorandum and Article of Association clearly state our area of competence as Maritime Risk Management - Cargo Surveys & Superintendence amongst others.

We have in our midst a number of professionals as employee including Marine Draught Surveyors with wealth of experience. And we handles full ship-load of Bulk Dry and Wet Cargo such as: Fertilizer, Wheat Flour, Rice, Crude Oil, Crude Palm Oil, Petroleum and containerized heterogenous cargo in any port in Nigeria and Onne port complex, Rivers State.

Our staff are available (24 hrs) round the clock for attendance at any port or location even at short notice.


To provide an excellent Risk Management Services as to position Maritime Risk to remain the first choice in Cargo Surveys & Superintending by using modern information technology and skilled work force.


To remain in the forefront amongst the various Risk Management Firms as second to none in the industry with penchant for quality and efficient service delivery to our esteemed Underwriters / Principals. Also to inspire and build confidence, trust and reliability in the mind of our principals.




Cargo Superintendents are Marine Underwriters’ Risk management Agents, a form of pre-loss services intended to checkmate the influx of possible spurious Marine claims or looses against Marine Cargo Policies.

Also, with superintendence services, it is easier for Underwriters to identify possible negligent party responsible for some looses through the protest letters of the Superintendent.

Therefore, superintendents are answerable to Underwriter’s directive because they are appointed purely to represent and protect Underwriter’s interest. A superintendent must therefore be a responsible, honest and experienced person in the profession and/or experienced in a related maritime service organizations.

However it is note worthy that not all Cargo Superintendents are competent Marine Surveyors that can professionally handle all Surveys and accurately adjust Marine Claims, or determine Insured-value of Loss.


Marine Cargo Survey has to do with post loss Cargo claims inspection and investigations. By the training and skill acquired or Schools, Marine Surveyors are recognized as professionals. They are bound by ethics of the profession and also have statutory back up that compels them to evaluate and adjust Marine Claims without being biased in favour of anybody. They should have equal and balanced interest of both the Claimant and the Underwriter in mind when rendering their services.

Furthermore as the first arbiter in any dispute relating to Marine Claims, Marine Surveyors should be familiar with the Marine Institute Cargo Clauses – ICC – A, B, C and other Marine Clauses. The Report of a Marine Surveyor should be independent and unbias. This is because Survey Report normally form the basis for recovery actions against negligent party. As such their Reports could be subjected to scrutiny at the Federal High Court where every Marine claims disputes are prosecuted for adjusdication. The Marine Surveyor often serves as Crown witness in the court of law, expected to answer questions from the Lawyers on cross examination.


In view of the above, some Underwriters may consider it advantageous to engage only Marine Surveyors or their firms to render Superintendence Services on their behalf. In so doing, should there be a claim/loss, the appointed superintending who is also a Surveyor, would continue with the handling of the needed Surveys that follows rather than the Underwriter to start looking for a qualified Marine Surveyor for the Survey & adjustment of the loss/claim on hand. Also where One Firm served as both the Supt as well as the Marine Survey, it gives the Underwriter the leverage to negotiate and agree on the Survey fees to pay since they handled the Superintendence of the loss under claim.

The GUILD OF MARINE SURVEYORS (GMS) – Regulatory Body for both Superintendents & Surveyors in Nigeria.